Meet Morris

We’ve all been there.

It makes our heart sink when young children running out of sight, not getting home on time after school, or not being where they are supposed to be.

A solution developed by parents for parents - MonsterMorris, a GPS device, a mobile phone, and a watch, especially tailor made for children who are independent enough to go out and about but yet to be able to handle a smartphone.

Now that you know where your little monsters are, and can reach them anytime, anywhere, you can stop worrying, and your children can have more freedom to move outside and play freely.

The Monster Advantages

Works Indoors & Outdoors

Most GPS tracking devices perform poorly indoors. Our solution incorporate GPS, LBS (Location-based Services), and WPS (WIFI Positioning System) technologies to accurately pinpoint your kid’s whereabout both indoors and outdoors.  We constantly update our LBS and WPS databases so that we can locate your monsters even where they are hiding at receives poor GPS signal.

Bank Standard Data Security

We take your monsters’ safety and privacy very seriously.  We do not feed your information to any one-size-fits-all service providers sitting on the other side of the world.  We own our own solution and platform that adopt bank security standards.  Your information is secure with us.

Free Mobile Watch Replacement

Kids are always kids; they break things.  That’s why we will replace your Monster Mobile Watch should your device becomes kid-damaged for as long as you remain one of our service subscribers.  We will pay for your new Mobile Watch; you just pay for shipping and handling.

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What We Offer



You can easily locate your child using our MonsterMorris App.


Your child can call 2 preset numbers with a simple push of a button. Only authorized numbers can reach to the Mobile Watch.


You can use our MonsterMorris app to easily define an area you want your child to stay in. You receive a notification if your monster sneaks out the predefined area.


Should there be an emergency, the SOS button can be used to reach out for help.  A notification will be sent to all guardians.



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